My workplace

When I started work on my first kit a few weeks ago I placed myself at a table in the livingroom. I promised my girlfriend I didn’t need much room, and I thought I didn’t at that point.. 2 weeks later ‘my area’ had expanded from about 10% to probably 60%. And after buying my first airbrush I realized that both the limited room and the light weren’t doing it for me. We have an extra room built behind the house, and lighting and air circulation are far from ideal unfortunatly, and yellow lighting in the living room just won’t cut it. So it was time to move the operation to my ‘man cave’ straight under the window.


At first I just placed all the stuff on a table much like it had been in the living room, however I didn’t really like using that toolbox and the lack of space left on the table.


So yesterday I moved my bookcloset closer to the table and placed all my paints and the stuff I use the most in there, at eyelevel. Ofcourse the stuff I use all the time is left on the table, but I don’t mind too much.

The toolbox still has some spare tools and supplies but isn’t taking up space on the table and the new Spitfire kit is underneath it. Next to the table is my first kit so I can experiment with techniques on that model.

I really like working in a place that feels efficient to what I want to do! Also, the light is so much better here. When it gets darker in the evening the coming months I will have to replace that big yellow light on the table with something better as I’ve found out that yellow light is just not ideal when you’re airbrushing.. I hope I can get something more neutral. I will have to look at what the internet says about what sort of lighting to use.

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