Moving on.. FW190 #3

I probably need to get myself an even finer sandingstick.. Really contemplating on going to get some stuff this afternoon although since my girlfriend took my car and I am already quite tired I might have to wait. The Revell sanding sticks I got this week are 120/150 apperantly, and surely an even finer stick would get the scratches out right?

Reasonably happy with the filled part although I did got some more on it this morning. Ofcourse I also need to get rid of those small scratches and just outside this pic is some detail I sanded away so I need a tool to get that back properly.
I kept bullying the inside wing cannons using clamps and during sanding.. finally one broke off and I was able to pull the other one loose. At this point I am confident I can get them both back like they should. Both the clamps and the (proper) sanding are new to be, so next time I am sure I am more careful. Also I might decide to just store them until I see a good moment to fit them..
Somehow I had forgotten to drill a required hole in the upper wing half.. well I am not going to remove the thing for the third time, so I winged it (hah!) and drilled the hole from the outside..
Much to my own surprise, I got the location of the hole just right!
Compaired to the Spitfire Mk.XIc kit, another nice touch is that this kit actually has 2 seperate flapsets for up and down position. The Spit only had one set, and I couldn’t get those to fit that wel.. anyway, these are going to break off if I glue them on right now so..
..I place them into The Box of Parts Yet to Come.
I considered airbrushing the rudder because it is in a seperate colour compaired to most of the rest of the outside, but since I am going to try using primer I decided it’s probably best to place it on anyway to not get a different look compaired to the rest of the kit. I could be talking rubbish here, I just don’t know and it’s not too big a deal if I have to mask some parts later on.
Who knows if that tape will help anything..
I started work on the engine, so I might as well focus on that today and save myself a trip.

My plan is to leave some of the covers open if I can do a nice job on the engine! That means I will really have to look into how to get some nice weathering done on that. Right now I am thinking I should get a varnish on. Time to search the interwebs again!

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