New domain and more stuff

You shouldn’t even notice it but I’ve set as my primary domain. I find I really enjoy making blogs and I think this is a more future-proof address.. ofcourse there is no need to worry because I plan to be a noob for a while! It’s just the name changing, I promise I didn’t find a can of talent somewhere.

So, with this and my purchase of this morning I finally plan to stop spending money and keep going!

Actually these are not impulse purchases at all.. clamps, primer, a proper fine sanding paper and a heavy duty knife were on the wishlist.. my wishlists just don’t get a lot of time to expand, that’s all.

2 thoughts on “New domain and more stuff”

    1. Absoluty! In hindsight I have some refrets about not going somewhere else for black primer, but this should be fine for a start.

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