Engine Trouble

I ran into some trouble Sunday night and was about ready to give in.. I spent a good hour fiddling around trying to fit the engine and making things go from bad to worse..

At such a moment, one side of me knows I need to take a break and walk away for a moment, but there is also a big side of me that is afraid I will never pick up the model again because I feel I have ruined it. Here is what happened.

As I wrote in a previous blog, I had glued the construction that will hold the engine in place without worrying too much about the beams that are right behind it.. as you can see they are somewhat bent by that approach and it was a sign of trouble to come.
When I first fit the side panels that have to line up with the engine, it became clear to me that this entire construction which the engine has to be attached too was actually pointing up too much! After a struggle I was able to remove the mount the engine has to go onto.
At least if I could attach it straight to the engine I wouldn’t have to worry about misalignment here..

Fast forward. Imagine a lot of cursing, parts coming off and gluing them back on, too thinly applied paint coming off the engine.. but after what was at least an hour..

Crikey! After wrestling for an hour I got a less than perfect result, but the engine fit and was aligned with the side panels and at some point I had to sign at the dotted line for any result. Here it is drying up with the engine cover taped on as an attempt to keep the side panels in the right place.

It was already clear that I was not going to get a clear fit, and things went pear shaped as soon as I started I started the engine mount.. in hindsight I would have liked to get the engine and side panels aligned perfectly before gluing anything of the engine mount in place. I probably have to keep some panels on now because the result is a bit glue-y and bent! But that’s experience for you I guess.

And it remains to be seen if I am out of the woods yet.. as you see aligning the engine with the side panel also meant I could not get the side panel to fit nicely all the way to the rest of the body. There is a pretty big gap there, and chances are this will snowball into trouble with the panels that are still coming!
Before gluing on the front cover I at least wanted to retouch some of the engine paint that had come off during the struggle!
I am very afraid.. because I think that cover might be a little too low.

This is a bit of a tough part of the build for me.. I seem to have messed up a while back and every panel I attach is out of whack because of that! Not giving up just yet though.. this is good experience and if this model won’t end up looking good there is always the next model!

2 thoughts on “Engine Trouble”

  1. The Eduard 190s are notoriously tricky! Clamps and tape can work wonders.
    At a certain point a hammer may be called for; but that is satisfying only briefly and you’ll have nothing to show for your trouble (!).

    1. I’m fast approaching that point! I did another attempt at gluing it in, if it doesn’t fit now I’ll remove the whole thing and retry in another way.. but it is difficult at the moment!

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