I’m sure those word jokes will get old once I’ve done a few kits!

I applied a layer of primer on the FW-190! And I don’t feel the model is wrecked, but there definitely will be some work coming out of it and I am curious what you guys think about what to do now.

I got some sticky tack this morning and I was curious to see if there would be any effect on the model after a few hours. So I started off with this test today.
I did some work on the B747-8F today while waiting for to see if there would be any reaction to the tack. The cockpit is done and the brownish color is sprayed inside the fuselage.

I also did some work on the front gear. I have to say so far I am really happy with my decision to take on a secondary project to keep things interesting! More photo’s coming as soon as there is more interesting stuff to show than 2 tiny parts!

The tack looked fine, both on coated and uncoated surface. Time to get this show on the road! Or, in a box is probably more accurate.

I love those engine cowlings! Even though they are attached with tack here I am actually happy to know my end result will not be perfect. I don’t necessarily want a warplane to look perfectly neat, so we can make that work!
Masking is about ready here.
After cleaning the entire thing I moved it outside.. Time to make a plan!

To be able to move the thing around while spraying I used an old brush with some tack on it (yes, tack has become an instant favorite) and planned on using that and the propeller shaft as a way to control the body without placing any fingerprints on it.

Primetime! Looking like an idiot?


Obviously I was a bit too busy with a good result to make photos while applying the primer but what happened while spraying: I got a big blob at some point and had to wipe it off with a tissue.. I then resprayed it and of course the result was visibly uneven.

Time to watch Game of Thrones while waiting for this to dry a bit!

The results..

OK that’s a problem.. after I came back I noticed the temporary canopy had shifted.. Hopefully that won’t be too hard to fix.. the area behind the cockpit was already damaged so I had to fix it anyway. The particles you see on the star board side of the body is the result of the blob action I had to take.
Port side, one of the panels shows scratches.
Star board side, the panel to the right of this picture still seems a bit too thickly applied. This is were the blob happened.
I think I hit a shelve in the shed I was working in while turning it around.. this is port side, under the wing.

I definitely need a better place.. after my testing a few days ago I went outside but decided to go back into the shed at the last minute. That is just a bit too dirty and dark to be ideal..

All in all I am not unhappy with the result. But I need to decide what to do with the areas I showed in this blog, so any advice is incredibly appreciated as always!

3 thoughts on “Prime-time”

  1. Looking good so far. A little sanding and a little primer should get rid of the scratches. The one part you do want to make sure that lines up on the engine panels are the hinges.

    1. Ok, I’ll check that out but I know most of the ‘trouble’ exists on the bottom cowlings so I should be allright then. Thanks!

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