A layer too far

Short blog because I’m tired and I really have to pick myself up after this..

Unfortunately I didn’t take enough care this afternoon, and I guess in hindsight I picked the wrong moment to try to fix yesterdays mistakes. As far as I’ve been able to tell, most of them are now fixed, but the underside and port side now have some details gone thanks to another ocean of primer applied, and there is some ugly surface because of trying to correct in a hurry.

I sanded down the scratches first.
Sh*t result. Uneven, scratches and in some places too thick.

I’m still finishing this thing.. first need to let it dry and find motivation again. I tried to rush it before an appointment this afternoon and I was, again, too tired to think straight. I just have the tendency to just keep going even though I know it’s not necessarily the best thing.

Next time:

  • Take my time
  • Work in daylight
  • Don’t use a dusty dark shed
  • Don’t do it before an appointment so you can’t properly clean a bad result.

I’m not thinking about buying a new kit this time.. I not only have plenty of them lying around now but I also want to try other stuff on this one, like the camo and weathering.

But chances are that some day when I feel more confident I will have to re-buy the A8 or the F8 to get it right!!



Scratches are gone, sanded it down to the bare minimum to get rid of the uneven parts and very lightly applied primer again. The detail is still gone, by I used my heavy duty knife to give an indication of where some of the lines are. Of course I had to take my attempt to far so I might have to do this again, but it is what it is.

If I can get the proper stuff (some of that Label Writer tape?) I can hopefully get some of the details back..

I did this last part in the man-cave just like I thought I wouldn’t do anymore.. but I think a very controlled environment is essential to do this, and the outside/dirty shed route with the poor lighting might not work for me.

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