Paint it black

Last night I went ahead ahead and applied a layer of paint on the side after using pizza carton to mask off the distinctive shape above the wing.

Left looks allright.
Right is a bit more sloppy looking.

Overall I was pretty happy with this result, although obviously there is some more painting to do.

I was still unsure how to move on though. As long as the decal is not on, I will keep guessing and adjusting the paint and I might get it all wrong and still need to do the red line with paint.

I decided to go for it and apply the red stripe decals.

Again, left looks ok.
But right is a bit harder to get right. First it’s time to let this dry and I’ll see how to finish this tomorrow.

I have to admit, I do not find this part of the build enjoyable. Sure, it’s great to see it coming together like it always is, but I found out tonight how much more enjoyable it is to just do the nice and simple small subcomponents.

Since I had to let the decals dry anyway I decided to finish off some small parts I had set aside for the (then) exciting and new primer phase!

After my last purchases I finally was able to use the lovely combination of:

  1. Toothpicks
  2. Tack
  3. Styrofoam
  4. My airbrush Booth
  5. My new compressor
Looks lean and mean doesn’t it!

Just a real simple coat of seidenmatt but it just so much better than struggling with pizza cartons!

I would almost forget it, but since I have the new compressor I have had absolutely no problems. I did change the needle as well, but that was more of a precaution. The compressor is hands down the best money I have spent do far.




3 thoughts on “Paint it black”

    1. I’ll post the result tomorrow. Quite the struggle but I am reasonably happy.

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