Too much detail for me

I’ll say again: I don’t like this part of the build. I have to keep telling myself I’m doing it for the experience, but obviously that wasn’t the goal when I started the build. After making a couple of mistakes (starting with the primer-fail) I tried to accept the idea that this is basically just my second attempt as an adult and I can’t realistically expect to get things right when I haven’t done them before.

But of course I still have the expectations of an adult, even though it sometimes feels like my skills are just a tiny bit better than where I left them 20 years ago when putting down my last model as a kid. I just don’t accept the mess I made back then because that is not what adults are supposed to do.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to make a blog about.

Yesterday I tried finishing the black area above the wings. I took my smallest brush and filled up the black area, then I touched up on the red decal with some paint and where I went over the line I used a tiny bit of the light blue mixture to correct it.

Finishing the sides

Once again I am pretty happy with the left side.

I actually had less work in this side, and the outcome looks pretty good. The other side though..

This is the first step of the job and unfortunately I ripped off the decal. There is also some black paint on the decal but the idea still was to use red paint here as well..
I painted the red part that got ripped off, but the amount of work I had to do on this side turned out to just be too much for me.

I couldn’t help but think of that woman in Spain who tried to restore a fresco, which turned out to be a little out of her league..

Ah well, at least my attempt at a FW-190 A8/R11 isn’t an almost century old fresco.

Applying gloss clear coat

Feeling I did the best I could on the paint job it was time to apply a layer of gloss clear coat, or multiple layers as it turned out.

Fast forwarding to the end result.. I will have to see how it looks tomorrow, but it became apparent pretty early on that one layer would not cut it.

This was the first time I used the new compressor to apply Humbrol Gloss Clear, and I learned that I actually really do need to thin the stuff down. Even though I tested on one of my wrecked parts earlier and based on that I decided I wouldn’t want to thin it, I found out the hard way that it was just not working. I lowered the PSI a notch on the compressor and thinned the stuff down a bit to stop my airbrush from puking uncontrollable streams of varnish.

I am less happy with another lesson I learned about applying a gloss clear coat..

It turns out you can see very clearly where you applied some more paint with a paint brush over the parts you missed with the airbrush..

I really hope this will look better when it has dried a bit, but to be honest I am willing to accept this as another lesson and hope I can look back at it in a couple of models time.

The final thing I did today was assemble the wheels, some tiny parts of the landing gear and I applied a coat to the landing gear parts as well.

All in all I am not unhappy. I am already looking forward to my next model but I want to get maximum bang for my buck with this kit when it comes to learning.






6 thoughts on “Too much detail for me”

  1. That was a bit of a problem!
    I’ve had a few such mess ups. You did a reasonable patch up. In time you’ll develop more experience with avoiding/fixing such things. Not much more to say than that!

    1. Thanks Dave. Yeah it’s definitly a valuable lesson to see how things will look in the end and I will splash around paint less freely in the future to avoid this!

    1. Thanks! I hope it won’t be too obvious on the end result but absolutely, the most important is I will have learned much for my coming models.

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