Decal and Hide

Of course it doesn’t really matter since I’m not writing for the New York Times, but I’m still considering different options on how to update this blog. Do I want to keep my posts about a single subject and do a weekly ‘summary’ of all the small things that I think about during the week? Or do I want to just keep it more of a journal and use a single blog to write about anything related to modelling? Or both?

At the moment I am really leaning towards just writing about all the subjects that have my current attention and thus keeping the more journal kind of form. Since I have started using categories along with my latest layout change it will still be easy for readers to sort on any subject that has their interest.. people that have an interest for WW2 might not be interested in the Boeing 747-8F build, and vice versa.

I might not have tons of readers, but I still aim to achieve some level of quality in the presentation and organization of this blog. Even if it’s mainly for my own pleasure at this point! But as always I am always open for feedback.

Anyway, this is a modelling blog, not a blog writing-blog, so to some actual modelling related topics!

To-do list

I’ve made lists for the FW-190 build before but this I am have centralized them in a seperate page that I update all the time. This list makes my life a lot easier in the final stages of the process because there is a lot of stuff that can’t be done from the instruction booklet.

And for that matter, some things that should be in the instructions are not. So the first order of business was something that has bothered me more than once during the last couple of weeks, but I kept forgetting about it.

Why isn’t that little light in the wing not mentioned in the instructions?

I looked into it this afternoon and it turns out that the manual actually says this part is not used for this model.. It does instruct you very early on to cut out the hole where it’s supposed to fit but now I am wrapping things up the thought kept creeping up in my mind that I would be left with a nice hole in the wing.

Thankfully I didn’t throw anything out.

I just hope I didn’t cut the hole out too wide but we’ll pass that bridge when we get to it.
Some more pre-work on the propeller assembly and drop tank. I applied a layer of gloss coat.

It is time..

After much postponing (probably from my childhood nightmares of ripping up decals) it is finally time to start do this thing..

I started off with 2 big ones yesterday evening to get the feel for it and think about my plan of action for this operation.

I will work from front to back, doing the underside first. And I don’t think I will going through this very quickly because I haven’t felt fully ‘energized’ for a few days now and I don’t want to ruin this.

I do like that result though!

Yesterday I already misplaced the decal sheet into a puddle of water.. and that is the sort of stuff I have bad childhood memories about. You could say my style of working is just not suited for this kind of thing as I love to keep all my mess around me and accidents are bound to happen.

But when I accidentally pushed off a paint bottle I realized there might be another problem I need to address first. I might have to do that workplace upgrade sooner than I thought because the old table is less than ideal.





6 thoughts on “Decal and Hide”

  1. Oh decal tragedy! Those can be frustrating and expensive mistakes. I know I’ve got a few sheets that were expensive and are basically irreplaceable, so yeah, I know the worries! The good news is, if it’s just wet it is usually salvagable.

    It can be useful to tag and categorize posts, but don’t worry too much about your readers. We will read what interests us, and skip what doesn’t. For myself, I’m most passionate about WWII, but I have a lifelong interest in aviation and in scale modeling. So either/both will keep me reading along.

    1. And to think these are just the default Revell decals! But for the A6M5 I will need to get some proper decals and I would be super bummed if those would get recked! So in a way this is good practice.

      You’re absolutely right and that’s of course the way I treat the blogs by others as well. Not everything will strike a cord with me though I always skim the text to see if it does. But I do want to try to achieve a level of quality that I would enjoy. Use photo’s to demonstrate what I am talking about and avoid long lines of text! (maybe like this one :p)

  2. Having spent some time reading through your posts, I’d say you’re getting the hang of this blooging lark – it’s certainly more interesting to read than mine 🙂 and I do like the new layout.

    I think when you first start out you try different things, and then once you get experience in writing and blogging youu’ll develop your style and how you want things layed out.

    The FW is looking good, sorry to hear of your decal ‘issue’ but it should be sort-out-able. I realy like decalling, it’s definatly my favourite part of the modelling proces.

    Good luck with it all, and great job on the blog… now I need to go off and improve my paltry efforts!


    1. Thanks! Good to hear you like it!

      Have to say that so far decaling is going pretty smoothly, although I take it very slow as I said I would.

      Well, if my blog can give you some inspiration that’s great! Obviously I pick and mix the things I like from other blogs to create something I think will be enjoyable!

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