Is that the finish line?

Hopefully I can finish this build in the next days! I am even considering taking it with me to the first IPMS meeting I plan to visit. That would be great!

Final repairs.

Before final assembly it is first time to fix the mistakes I made and repair the parts I broke off so far during this build.

The weathering has left some damage, but it’s not too hard to fix.

I’m probably not doing myself a favor by zooming in this much, but I restored this myself and the end result is pretty good. I cut the decal in three pieces because the ‘bar’ used to be twice as wide.
A bit fingerprint on the side and a lot of paint disappeared..

Some more sponge chipping then..


And better executed this time I think!

Also applied a dirt wash on the wheels since I was applying some on the wings anyway.
The red decal came off complete and I have painted that part now. The fingerprint visible here is already covered with some more dirt color. Also visible is another broken off part, which I have hopefully fixed now. I will have to attach wire to it, so it will need to be able to take some weight!
Some more small things I did: 1. Repaired and re-placed the wing cannons. 2. Placed the center cannons. 3. Fixed the cannon cover in place. 4. Placed the first part of the propeller, don’t know what it’s called though!

I don’t know why I haven’t used those nice pieces of styrofoam before! They work brilliantly to keep the body ‘in the air’ and hopefully I can cut down on the number of broken off parts on future models..

More good intentions: avoid direct contact with the table, avoid moving the model and if I really have to move it, use gloves. Hopefully for the coming models I won’t have to do this much repairing.

Starting final assembly

With the weathering and repairing complete it’s time to put things together, and remove the final masking ‘devices’.

I really love seeing the propeller on! It gives me the feeling I am getting near to the end of this build. Some minor weathering done on this too.

It’s finally time to remove the temporary canopy I had placed when I did my first attempt at applying primer. When I was working with the primer I already noticed the canopy had moved letting through some primer, but as far as I could tell the damage wasn’t too bad. Obviously removing the canopy and the final pieces of tape from the windshield still had the potential to be a mood wrecker.

The damage on the rear of the cockpit fortunately was no surprise and I don’t think it will be too difficult to fix it.
That windscreen though.. That is either primer or RLM 76. I will have to look into how to get this off, and if not possible get myself a new part from Revell.

I am grateful as always to any reader with ideas and/or constructive criticism.



7 thoughts on “Is that the finish line?”

  1. Overall looks good. No doubt you learned a lot that will make your next build even better. I would say the weathering is a bit heavy, but that’s very subjective. Some of the extreme close ups don’t do you favors! The camera can see closer than our eyes. So many of those details aren’t apparent with a personal viewing.
    The clear parts can probably be fixed with fine grit sand and polish materials.

    You are right, the end is in sight!

  2. Thanks for the awesome feedback Dave! You are absolutely right, it is a bit heavy. Sometimes when you learn a new trick you tend to apply it too often or too obvious I guess. But if I tune it down for the next model it will be good to have atleast tried this stuff so I have seen the possibilities!
    I’ll look into how to use those for clearing the windshield!

    1. Oh gee, I’ve NEVER overdone a new technique…

      Honestly, I cringe at some learning efforts!

  3. You are doing well Dan! Learning lots of new techniques all at once can make your head spin!
    I like your model! Your painting skills are impressive!
    My only two criticisms would be that the weathering is a little too heavy (Don’t worry-We have all done this!) Just ease up a little and take your time. You have grasped the concept well, you just need to relax. Remember, in weathering Less is More!
    Also you may wish to try wearing latex gloves when handling your model. This will save you from getting finger prints stuck in the paint. And from getting paint on your hands too!

    I am liking what I see, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Darren! Awesome feedback! Yeah I got a bit carried away with the weathering. Next time I’ll try to do it as you said, walking away in between applying it to see if it still looks good. And the silly thing is I already had the latex gloves laying around, I just need the discipline to start wearing them!

      Anyway, thank you for the encouragement and tips and hopefully on my next WW2 plane it will look less like a tank!

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