Welcome to my blog!

My name is Daniël, and I live in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands.

I only recently picked up making scale models again, but like many modellers I do have a background of modelling in my early youth. During my recovery from burnout I decided I had to re-think my current set of hobbies, because I mostly played computer games after work. Sometimes I would reach 20 hours in a week! Since I am a software engineer that means I spent a lot of time behind computer screens.

An experience like burnout really makes you look into what works and doesn’t work in terms of energy, and when I was trying to ‘do fun things’ as the doctor had ordered, it became clear that computer gaming actually costs me quite a lot of energy. Time to think of other things to spend my time on!

I have tried to pick up modelling again a few times in the last couple of years, but a lack of room and knowledge about things like acrylic paints really made it too much of a hassle for me to get into it again. I usually crammed all the stuff in a box again and ended up behind a screen again.

A short while ago I tried it once again, and this time I got hooked. I even feel it played a role in my recovery. Not only did I discover that this is something that gives me energy, I was also really glad to be doing something that required some of my engineering skills and resourcefulness. The reward I felt after giving each component the attention it requires for me isn’t something I can compare to computer games! It is still amazing for me to be creating something with my hands, because I can’t even remember how long sitting behind a screen has been my main activity in life!

In my search for help with all the techniques I didn’t know about or cared about during my building as a kid I discovered some nice YouTube channels by some great modellers, and there I first got the idea to start something for myself to track my progress and have a place to share it with others.

A month or so into blogging I am fairly sure that the blogging part for me is just as big a part of the hobby as modelling is in itself!

I don’t feel too comfortable with my own YouTube channel yet, but as my skills will hopefully increase that might change. Until that time I am just as happy writing, and even if at some point I will start my own YT channel I might keep the blog as my main area to share my thoughts.

I write in english because well, the modelling community in The NL is quite small, and I like to hook up with the english community and show my stuff! Besides, english is probably the only reason I have a diploma so I might as well use the language to express myself!

As any blogger I love to get followers, so if you enjoy what you see please follow me thought the links on the right!




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